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Antenna Tops Enclosed

Our enclosed antenna system allows for modular antenna build outs that comply with the jurisdictional requirements of a single point of antenna attachment to the pole when multiple antennas are needed to deploy a small cell node. With interchangeable shrouding, uniform bracket attachment, 4G omni or panel housing capabilities, 120 or 180 degree separation built into both 4G panel and 5G segments, CBRS/LAA ready, and thermally tested, this antenna enclosure is truly a future proof modular antenna system for the smart city era.

Antenna Tops OPEN

Through the design phase of most build outs, some nodes will not be compatible with our fully enclosed antenna top solution. Whether due to failing structural of existing infrastructure,

jurisdictional height requirements, attachment agreement within COMM zone instead of pole top, or other controlling factors; no solution is one size fits all.

When complications like these arise, we have a line of attachments to fit these needs. From Tee arms to through bolted top mounts, all of your 4G and or 5G OEM’s can be located on these more difficult nodes with ease. These mounts also utilize our ball mount antenna leveling system that allows of up to 15 degrees of plumbing capability in the most compact design in the industry. This design allows for a single technician with a wrench to complete a difficult task in minutes.