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GRG Design: Radio and Equipment Shrouding

Radio and equipment shrouding:

Our radio and equipment shrouding solution products can be mounted on any pole type (metal, wood, fiberglass, or pre-composite), or break-away posts (with applicable structural analysis).

Equipment shrouds are available in industry standard colors including Green (RAL-6012), Black (RAL-9017), Brown (RAL-8011), and Gray (RAL-7038).

Custom paint colors are available to match location specifications or landscape aesthetics.

All shrouds come standard with mounting plates designed for our smart poles; attachment feet for poles (made by others) are available.

Available in various sizes (3, 6, 9, 13, 17, and 21 cu. ft) to fit your unique equipment needs.

Meter and Disconnect Shrouds are also available to complete the aesthetic.